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In order to change established behavior you will need to train it. Training a dog to stop chasing cars involves basic training to gain control of your dog's actions and then getting the dog to ignore or associate cars with something positive. This means that it comes when called no matter what activity it is doing when called. If your dog is really obsessed with cars and cannot walk without going crazy about them, you may want to consider hiring a professional dog trainer to work with the dog. Method 2. Stop and remain calm.

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If a dog is chasing you resist the urge to run and instead hold your ground. Don't appear aggressive and instead remain motionless and keep your hands at your sides. If you get attacked while running away, you will be less able to protect yourself. Give verbal commands. Give the dog strong verbal commands to "go away" or "back away" while continuing to avoid eye contact. If the dog is well trained, it may respond to your command and your tone. If the commands only make the dog more aggressive then stop giving them. If the commands confuse or change the dog's behavior positively, then continue to give them.

Avoid eye contact. Eye contact can be seen as a form of aggression or dominance by dogs that don't know you. In order to avoid a competition for dominance, you should keep your eyes directed away from the dog. Defend yourself. If a dog is attacking you and you think that your safety is at risk then you have no choice but to defend yourself. Kick or punch the dog in the throat if it attempts to bite you.

This will temporarily stun the dog. Use any weight advantage you have over the dog to physically subdue it until help arrives.

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Put any and all objects you have with you in between you and the dog. If you can grab a rock or stick nearby, these can be good weapons to defend yourself against an attacking dog. Protect your vital areas.

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If you are being attacked by a dog and are unable to fight it off then you should make sure to protect your vital areas. This means you should curl up into a ball and interlace your hands around the back of your neck and over your ears. This will protect the core of your body and your neck and ears.

Method 3. Keep your dog on leash.


When your dog is around animals that you think it might chase then you should keep it on leash and keep a strong hold of that leash. This is the most immediate way to make sure that your dog doesn't chase other animals. Make sure your dog has basic training. In order to get your dog to stop chasing other animals you will need to be able to control its behavior and movements.

This means that you reach it to basic commands, such as sit , lie down, and stay.

Why Dogs Chase Cars

One of the most important commands to make sure your dog will respond to reliably to is recall. Getting your dog to come when called is central to getting it to stop going after other animals.

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Dogs Chase Cars Dogs Chase Cars
Dogs Chase Cars Dogs Chase Cars
Dogs Chase Cars Dogs Chase Cars
Dogs Chase Cars Dogs Chase Cars
Dogs Chase Cars Dogs Chase Cars

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