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Can our generation cure disease so you live much longer and healthier lives? Can we connect the world so you have access to every idea, person and opportunity? Can we harness more clean energy so you can invent things we can't conceive of today while protecting the environment? Can we cultivate entrepreneurship so you can build any business and solve any challenge to grow peace and prosperity? Promoting equality is about making sure everyone has access to these opportunities -- regardless of the nation, families or circumstances they are born into.

Our society must do this not only for justice or charity, but for the greatness of human progress. Today we are robbed of the potential so many have to offer. The only way to achieve our full potential is to channel the talents, ideas and contributions of every person in the world. Can we nurture peaceful and understanding relationships between people of all nations?

Can we truly empower everyone -- women, children, underrepresented minorities, immigrants and the unconnected? If our generation makes the right investments, the answer to each of these questions can be yes -- and hopefully within your lifetime. This mission -- advancing human potential and promoting equality -- will require a new approach for all working towards these goals. We must make long term investments over 25, 50 or even years. The greatest challenges require very long time horizons and cannot be solved by short term thinking.

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We must engage directly with the people we serve. We can't empower people if we don't understand the needs and desires of their communities.

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We must build technology to make change. Many institutions invest money in these challenges, but most progress comes from productivity gains through innovation. We must participate in policy and advocacy to shape debates. Many institutions are unwilling to do this, but progress must be supported by movements to be sustainable. We must back the strongest and most independent leaders in each field. Partnering with experts is more effective for the mission than trying to lead efforts ourselves.

We must take risks today to learn lessons for tomorrow. We're early in our learning and many things we try won't work, but we'll listen and learn and keep improving. Our experience with personalized learning, internet access, and community education and health has shaped our philosophy. Our generation grew up in classrooms where we all learned the same things at the same pace regardless of our interests or needs.

Your generation will set goals for what you want to become -- like an engineer, health worker, writer or community leader. You'll have technology that understands how you learn best and where you need to focus. You'll advance quickly in subjects that interest you most, and get as much help as you need in your most challenging areas. You'll explore topics that aren't even offered in schools today. Your teachers will also have better tools and data to help you achieve your goals.

Even better, students around the world will be able to use personalized learning tools over the internet, even if they don't live near good schools. Of course it will take more than technology to give everyone a fair start in life, but personalized learning can be one scalable way to give all children a better education and more equal opportunity. We're starting to build this technology now, and the results are already promising. Not only do students perform better on tests, but they gain the skills and confidence to learn anything they want.

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And this journey is just beginning. The technology and teaching will rapidly improve every year you're in school. Your mother and I have both taught students and we've seen what it takes to make this work. It will take working with the strongest leaders in education to help schools around the world adopt personalized learning. It will take engaging with communities, which is why we're starting in our San Francisco Bay Area community.

We will never forget the words, ‘your daughter ... won’t see her first birthday’

It will take building new technology and trying new ideas. And it will take making mistakes and learning many lessons before achieving these goals. But once we understand the world we can create for your generation, we have a responsibility as a society to focus our investments on the future to make this reality.

Our DAUGHTER wants to LEARN!!!

Together, we can do this. And when we do, personalized learning will not only help students in good schools, it will help provide more equal opportunity to anyone with an internet connection. Many of the greatest opportunities for your generation will come from giving everyone access to the internet. People often think of the internet as just for entertainment or communication. But for the majority of people in the world, the internet can be a lifeline. It provides education if you don't live near a good school.

It provides health information on how to avoid diseases or raise healthy children if you don't live near a doctor.

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It provides financial services if you don't live near a bank. It provides access to jobs and opportunities if you don't live in a good economy. The internet is so important that for every 10 people who gain internet access, about one person is lifted out of poverty and about one new job is created. Yet still more than half of the world's population -- more than 4 billion people -- don't have access to the internet.

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If our generation connects them, we can lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. We can also help hundreds of millions of children get an education and save millions of lives by helping people avoid disease. This is another long term effort that can be advanced by technology and partnership. It will take inventing new technology to make the internet more affordable and bring access to unconnected areas. It will take partnering with governments, non-profits and companies.

It will take engaging with communities to understand what they need. Good people will have different views on the best path forward, and we will try many efforts before we succeed. Technology can't solve problems by itself. Building a better world starts with building strong and healthy communities. Children have the best opportunities when they can learn. And they learn best when they're healthy.

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Health starts early -- with loving family, good nutrition and a safe, stable environment. Children who face traumatic experiences early in life often develop less healthy minds and bodies. You are strong and you've got this! I'm here to support you. Explained: In order for our girls to feel empowered to solve their own problems , it's essential that we let them try.

Resist the urge to do it for them, rescue them or always give them the answer. Allow them to be stretched so that they can find courage and seek to use that courage in their life.

For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter
For Our Daughter For Our Daughter

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