Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)

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Hermon is also called Mount Sion, presumably from Sirion, the name given to it by the Sidonians. At the Luciferic Initiation, the False Prophet will use Psalm to coerce mankind to swear allegiance to Lucifer and receive his mark, the Seal of Solomon. Romans And as this rite and this mystery concern Isis and the star Sirius and by the context of this prophecy clearly concerns the heavens, can we be accused of sensationalism in making the suggestion that nothing would shake up the human race more than having the discovery of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe proven for the first time?

And what if the dark companion of Sirius really does hold the answer to this mystery? What if the nearest centre of civilization really is based at the Sirius system and keeps a watchful eye on us from time to time? Seirios, lit. An Egyptian name for it was Sothis. There were reports of great lamentation. When Tiberias heard of it, he believed it a mistake.

It could not be that the great son of Hermes and Penelope was dead, he concluded, but a lesser demon by the same name. Hermon dedicated to the god, Pan. The mountain straddles the modern Israeli-Syrian border. It rises to a height of over feet, and in the rainy months of December to March, is often snow-capped. There is even a ski slope there now! Only on a clear day—unusual during the winter—can you see it from the city of Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee the Kineret. More often the view of it is obliterated even at close range in cold months by haze or mist or dense fog.

His job was to frighten you when you reached a threshold in life. That is where we get the word pan-ic! It was his job to panic anyone approaching a threshold, especially that of a cave. This cave is in Mt. Hermon, named for Hermes, the conductor of souls to Hades. That was the mythology of this beautiful, natural setting. Interestingly, Pan was also the god of the pastoral and natural, thus our theological terms pantheism and panentheism.

We in the English speaking world also have Pan to thank for pandemonium and pandering. Song of Solomon KJV. Syria - from L.

Geneva Bible vs. King James Version

Syria, from Gk. See also: Matt.


Heb Luke AV - covenant 20, testament 13; The error can be traced through all English translations to the Latin Vulgate. The NKJV corrected the mistranslation where correction was necessary. A covenant implies a contract based between two parties in a relational bond whereas a testament may be a book, a witness or a will. According to Hebrews , God will punish those who devalue the blood covenant between Jesus Christ and His Church:.

The English Bible Timeline

A contract or agreement between two parties. In entering into a covenant, Jehovah was solemnly called on to witness the transaction Gen. Covenant Reformed theology has done much to blur the distinctive covenants which God has with Israel and the Church. Just as the Galatians were brought under the O.

AV - which , who 79, the things 11, the son 8, misc 32; A textual error occurs when translators supply or omits words which are not in the Greek text with no indication, such as italics, that a word has been added, or a reference to word s not translated.

The Book Of Jubilees (Little Genesis)

Bible versions which fail to translate the definite article in 2 Thessalonians , diminish the magnitude of the end time apostasy, thereby facilitating false teachings which limit the end time apostasy to the ecumenical movement. The great apostasy will be an identifiable event in which the entire organized Church system departs from the faith of Jesus Christ as it is set forth in the Greek Textus Receptus. All such new revelations are simply a modern rehash of ancient Gnosticism masquerading as true Christianity.

And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Revelation It is a combination of two Latin words mille thousand and annum years. It is the official view of the Roman Catholic Church, and it is the doctrine that is held by the majority of mainline Protestant denominations.

At that point the redeemed will be resurrected in spiritual bodies, the unrighteous will be consigned to Hell, the material universe will cease to exist, and the redeemed will take up residence eternally with God in Heaven It was adopted by the Roman Catholic Church in A. When this view was originally presented by St.

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Augustine, it caused a considerable stir because it differed so drastically from the premillennial view that had been the orthodox doctrine up to that time It enabled the Church to claim that it was the fulfillment of all the kingdom promises in the Bible, and therefore it had the right to rule over all the nations of the earth. The Jews were dismissed as a people divorced by God. Their kingdom promises had been inherited by the true Israel, the Church. David R.


He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. AV - antichrist 5; 5. These textual errors lend support to the Amillennial eschatology of Calvinist Covenant Reformed theology, which is overtaking Dispensationalism in the preparation for the Tribulation period. This false teaching protects the Jewish identity of the Antichrist since, in order to deceive world Jewry that he is their Messiah, the Antichrist must be a Jew. AV - on , in , upon , unto 41, to 41, misc ; AV - mark 8, graven 1; 9.

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Dobson, p. For KJV-Only advocates to defend this translation error upon which depends the salvation of billions of people is inexcusable. Not only will multitudes of believers die for refusing to receive a counterfeit mark of the Beast, millions of people will receive the true mark of the Beast — the 6-Pointed star — thinking that it is the Magen David or Star of David.

However, the 6-pointed star is a ancient symbol of Lucifer which is branded on his initiates who pledge their allegiance to him. Tattoos are an ancient tradition of pagan initiation rites. The tattoo bonds the initiate with the entity symbolized by the tattoo and enables him to communicate with that demonic power. Such is the most generalized meaning of tattooing bestowed in consequence of a rite of initiation which allows this communication to take place. At the same time, this initiation is a rite of admission into a social group and the tattoo is the permanent mark of that initiation , the badge of the tribe.

All in all, tattooing belongs among symbols of identification and is interfused with all their magic and mystic potency. Identification always carries a double meaning: it tends to invest the individual concerned with the properties and strength of the creature or thing to which that person is assimilated and, at the same time, to immunize the latter against its potential power to cause harm. This is why tattoos depict dangerous creatures such as serpents or scorpions, or animals which are symbols of fertility, such as bulls or of power, such as lions, and so on.

Identification also carries a sense of surrender or even of consecration to whatever the tattoo symbolically depicts. It then becomes a badge of fealty. AV - giant 3; 3. AV - fail , fall down 25, cast 18, cast down 9, fall away 5, divide 5, overthrow 5, present 5, lay 3, rot 3, accepted 2, lie down 2, inferior 2, lighted 2, lost 2, misc 22; They were called Nephilim and lived on the earth at that time and even later.

They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago. The giants came from the union of the sons of God and the daughters of men. These were the mighty me n of ancient lore, the famous ones. So the sons of God married any of the girls they chose. These women gave birth to children. During that time and later, the Nephilim people lived in the land. They were famous people. They were heroes from ancient times. I will let them live years. This demonic race, which calls itself the Merovingian bloodline, will rule the world during the Tribulation period. The relevant sea-lord was King Pallas, a god of old Arcadia But that's okay.

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Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)
Geneva Bible with Strongs Concordance (Historic English Bibles Book 12)

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