Music (Experimenting With Everyday Science)

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Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. The pot labeled A is placed beside the CD player for 3 hours everyday with classical music being played. At the same time, the pot labeled B is kept away from the musical sound. The height of the plants is measured everyday and their average height is calculated and recorded in the table given below.

The seeds in pot A were also able to germinate a day earlier. The hypothesis holds true: playing classical music to plants makes them grow more quickly. Music is able to speed up seed germination and enhance plant growth. Although there may not be an available scientific explanation as to why music is able to enhance plant growth, the results are there for us to take advantage of.

Music can be used in plant nurseries to speed-up seed germination and help us grow healthier plants. Try to repeat the science fair project using different types of music like jazz, pop, rock or country. The science project can also be modified by talking to the plants everyday.

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Does music affect plant growth? Complexity level:. The driving course must be the same, the obstacles faced must be the same, and the time given must be the same. In addition to making sure that the testing conditions are standardized, it is also essential to ensure that your pool of participants is the same. If the individuals in your control group those who are not sleep deprived all happen to be amateur race car drivers while your experimental group those that are sleep deprived are all people who just recently earned their drivers licenses, your experiment will lack standardization.

After you have selected participants, the next steps are to conduct your tests and collect the data.

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All throughout the unit, we took time to write about our learning, vocabulary, and thinking in our science journal response pages found here. Even our littlest learners can have huge take-aways from hands-on learning! This week we learned about sound.

Sound is made by vibrating- that means back and forth. A ukulele vibrates when you strum its strings. It makes music. This week we are learning about sound. Sound is noise that is made by vibrations.

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Vibrations are things that move back and forth really fast. A whistle vibrates because the little ball inside moves back and father really fast when you blow into it. Our week was hands-on, real-world and it was a blast. Honestly, I was blown away with how much my friends learned and how they were able to explain their learning.

Is your school using the Next Generation Science Standards? If so, what are your favorite ways to make sound real for your friends? Join me for weekly classroom updates and free resources that are just-right for your guided math classroom!

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    Music (Experimenting With Everyday Science)
    Music (Experimenting With Everyday Science)
    Music (Experimenting With Everyday Science)
    Music (Experimenting With Everyday Science)
    Music (Experimenting With Everyday Science)
    Music (Experimenting With Everyday Science)

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