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However, the first taxi guy that approached me in the terminal offered RS which, given recent reports, seemed perfectly fair and I didn't even bother negotiating. I'm headed to Lukla tomorrow and, at this stage, there is no reason to think the plane won't be departing although the guide I'm using did say that some flights to Lukla have been cancelled recently. I asked him about the fuel shortage effects on the Khumbu region. He said there is basically no effects up there because people use little cooking gas and most of the food is sourced locally. We with wife visited Nepal for trekking from 14 - 21 Nov Just to share experience for trekking of Poon Hill for 4 days - 5 days itinerary is less tiring.

Nepal is facing a fuel shortage but this has minimum impact for tourists. Taxis and tourist buses are readily available where there are tourists. Transportation is not a problem by domestic airlines , buses or taxis except it cost more to factor in fuel cost. Food is plentiful and most restaurants, even up in the mountains serve everything in the menu with no increase in prices. Mountain guest houses has room with attached toilet, double bed and blankets and heated water barely lukewarm only as the source is very cold water with reasonably clean sheets and pillow cases and blankets.

Recommendation: No need to postpone your holiday to Nepal. This period, you can expect friendly service as staff are not over-worked. Before arriving, with all the bad news, felt that there will be shortage of basic essential and packed water, can food, noodles, coffee, solid fuel for cooking, tit-bits, etc. Ended up giving away can food, noodles, coffee, solid fuel, tit-bits etc as necessities are plentiful and small shops are available everywhere, even up in the mountains.

You can see live chicken everywhere in the mountains and villages. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful. In Ghandruk for trekking, do stay in Hotel Gurung Cottage - fantastic mountains scenery in the morning just outside your room - just like in a movie. By early or late morning, the mountains are covered by clouds.

Not recommended for very steep trekking routes. Met a Singapore girl, German girl, Korean girl during trekking all travelling alone with a Nepalese guide - wow.

No diarrhoea or other sickness encountered on this holiday - food is clean and hygiene standards are good. As precaution, put purification tablet for water bought or tap water for brushing teeth.

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Local Tea and coffee from restaurants used well boiled water, so no problem with hygiene. You mentioned above that the treks are in USD. Should i be prepared to pay in USD vs Nepali rupees? People prefer rupees. Easy to change money at the airport which gives better rates that Kathmandu which in turn give better rates than in Pokhara. Airport is the best bet to change money for tourists like us Plus they are honest. Sign in. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Fuel crisis in Nepal. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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Pokhara forums. All forums. Kamariyah K. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Pokhara?

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  • See all. Cultural highlights roundtrip Nepal in 10 days. Destination Expert for Nepal. Re: Fuel crisis in Nepal. Chelyn Y. Bill B. Ask a question. Motorcycle road trip to Jomsom and Muktinath pm How to hire a guide for poon hill trek in pokhara? The government of Nepal was also unable to convey true message to the International communities about the problem in Nepal at a time when some Nepali scholars were asking the government to Internationalize the issue as India had moved back from the Nepal India friendship treaty and violated the various International trade, transit and commerce laws [ citation needed ].

    While in Kathmandu, the government had asked for International help to solve the fuel crisis which was hitting the Nepalese life very hard. The Government of India denied imposing a blockade, stating that the truck drivers coming from India were not entering Nepal due to safety concerns resulting from the violent protests.

    Nepal Crisis

    India's Ministry of External Affairs stated that the border obstructions were a result of "unrest, protests, and demonstrations on the Nepalese side, by sections of their population. Nepal's spokesperson Laxmi Prasad Dhakal argued that the Madheshi protests had been happening since past few months, and Indian trucks had been entering Nepal until September 23 without any problems. India's spokesperson Vikas Swarup pointed out that India had sent 4, trucks to the border, where they had been stranded. He argued that from there onwards, it was Nepal's responsibility to ensure that the trucks entered Nepal safely.

    Nepal in crisis: growth and stagnation at the periphery - HIMALDOC

    The Indian Oil Corporation reportedly refused to fill the Nepalese trucks following instructions from higher authorities. Its President Rajendra Mahato stated that the blockade had been done by the Madheshi people and that India had nothing to do with it. Nepal has lobbied the United Nations on the obstruction. On 28 October, the Nepal Oil Corporation and PetroChina signed an agreement to import fuel from China, [43] the first fuel agreement ever between the two nations.

    Nearly all sectors of the economy have taken a severe hit, from tourism to transport to domestic factories to agriculture. The once vigorous construction industry had already come to a standstill before the blockade due to quake fears, new enforcement of building code , and monsoon issues, most reconstruction work has been put off until after the monsoon. Basic goods, mostly imported from India, remain in short supply. Some 14 Nepali pharmaceutical factories remain shut, causing widespread shortages in medicine, including for infectious diseases like Tuberculosis which of course do not respect borders, some 90 percent of raw and packaging materials usually enter from Birgunj customs point India.

    The most acute shortages of medicines in Kathmandu are for Intensive Care Unit such as high blood pressure, diabetes, anesthesia, injectable antibiotics, and hyperbaric oxygen. To provide heat, people have been increasing turning to electric heaters, causing increasing burden on electricity transmission and supply, with some transformers having already exploded as of December. As issue of post-quake vulnerability became lost in the increasingly vocal information war between Kathmandu and New Delhi, [59] a major humanitarian crisis has erupted at a time when international agencies are stretched very thin due to El Nino related agricultural disasters as well as exploding conflict in Syria , Yemen , and their spawned refugee crises.

    UNICEF has followed with a warning echoing US embassy statements about the looming humanitarian disaster, citing 3 million children at risk of disease and death in Nepal alone. The demonstrators included ex-military families the so-called "Gurkha Regiment" and "non-Gurkhas" , Sikh extremists and various other individuals dissatisfied with the Indian Prime Minister.

    Some reports claimed that as soon as Modi arrived back in Delhi, he ordered an assessment of the power which the Nepali people have in Great Britain and other places overseas [62] On 17 November, the "Non-Resident Nepali Association USA" protested against what they refer to as the Indian Government's so-called "economic blockade of Nepal" in front of United Nations Headquarters in New York. On 2 November, Nepalese police moved in to clear out the protesters in Birgunj.

    Since then, a curfew has been imposed in Birgunj. FLSC have been striking and enforcing vehicular bans on a separate region of the Terai for the entire time the Madhesis have been active doing the same; their demands overlap Madhesh demands and territories of states, both demands cannot be reconciled geographically.

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    Madhesi parties have refrained from direct confrontation with FLSC. FLSC and the Mongoloid voice of the nation been almost completely ignored by all Western and Indian media; they don't have the backing of India nor Kathmandu. FLSC has also accused Kathmandu of use of excessive brutal police forces just as the Madhesi parties have. The SSB also claimed that the people shot at were smuggling prohibited materials, and attacked its personnel when stopped. In spite of an apparent agreement hashed out between India and Nepal, Madhesis have stated their demands are still not met.

    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis
    Nepal in Crisis Nepal in Crisis

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