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Grids and the others where teleported on the towns temple, as they walked out of the temple Piercing Rose saw them and approached them. Frozen Arrow are elemental types of equipment that can only be crafted by blacksmiths lifestyle players, every quiver contains 50 pieces of arrows. Grid sarcastically said. Grid said. Grid then fired two arrows and dashed toward Light, Light then laid his shield 45 degrees on the ground as he let Grid step on it and with force he threw Grid upward until Grid settled on to the two arrows embedded on the wall.

Next is for the long-range damagers, shoot another set of arrows on the left, right and middle 2 meters from the first one you created, the left and the right side will be for the damagers while the middle one is for the healers so everyone can access the support. After positioning, use every fire skill in your arsenal to bombard the chest area of the boss. Are we clear on that?. As soon as the team charged forward, The Skeleton Guardian raised the fire staff again summoning the lava underneath the ground. Grid shot 10 arrows creating a small platform made from iced lava, all the melee players jump straight to this platform, next Grid released another set of arrows creating additional platform made of iced lava on the spot that Zeek pointed of before the fight.

The team simultaneously release fire skills one after the other, but the damage that they dealt is still 0. The Skeleton Guardian raised the Broadsword that he holds, ready to pummel the team, but its chest is already in smokes.

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As the skeleton guardian raises his sword a sudden explosion appeared on its chest opening the rib part and exposing the green large orb. After massive damage it received, the Skeleton Guardian regained his composure and closed his chest, After standing up again he raised the Ice staff that it holds, after pounding it straight to the ground the floor started to freeze.

After unfreezing the surrounding the lava started to heat up the Skeleton Guardian again while the team bombards it with fire damage the Boss collapse again the second time, the team started to get the gist of it and after an hour the Boss Hp reached 0. System: Congratulations to Player Endless and his team, you are the first to defeat Skeleton Guardian, The system will record your accomplishments to the Gods Tablet.

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Font Nunito Sans Merriweather. Advertisement Pornographic Personal attack Other. The total score 0. It's not a spell?

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Endless, his doing something!! The team panicked and jumped backward, stepping on the floating rocks, but they are cornered. As Zeek moved backward, Hound and the others moved forward. Zeek just smiled.

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Zeek dashed forward and attack the black orb located on the Skeletons chest. As Piercing Rose approached the group she heard everything that the team was talking about. Wolf Hound and his team were shocked to see the War Goddess talking to them. You are the War Goddess! Grid then covered his Healing Rays mouth. Sorry" Healing Ray said. Uh sure", Grid then accepted. After 30 minutes of waiting the team arrived and Zeek fetched them in front of the gate. My skill leveled up", Zeek said. You get the Reaper. Chapter A city, clouded with shadows.

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  • Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2) Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2)
    Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2) Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2)
    Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2) Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2)
    Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2) Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2)
    Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2) Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2)
    Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2) Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2)
    Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2) Reaper Zone Chapter 15 (God Realm Book 2)

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