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A good friend recently invited me to a clothing swap, and at first, I was slapped with a moment of anxiety wondering what I should bring.

BIKE SWAP - a new and used bike sale!

What do I have that others would want? Once I pulled myself together, I realized how absolutely ridiculous this was.

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This was a brilliant idea! I have always been a person who would rather spend the money on a few good pieces that work together rather than hit the Old Navy sale that allows me to bring home 20 things for the same price as the two I know I will have and love forever.

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This uncool girl will take that as a very exciting win! As a family, we have rotated clothing through a variety of sources as we no longer require them for years.

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We find a balance between donating and selling to second-hand stores. We have found that having the kids go through their closets and sort through what no longer fits or gets worn is a great way to teach them how to stay on top of being organized, but it also allows them to be part of the purge.

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Once closets and dressers have been gone through the sorting begins, the next to new, pristine items that are brand name labels go into the second-hand store pile, the warm and outdoor items always in the donation pile for the cities outreach teams and drop in shelters. The rest is then sorted between nice enough to donate to someone in need be it a church, immigration centre, lower income neighbourhood school, shelter, fundraising charity, community swap etc… and the stained and well-worn items that can be stripped down into work rags for the barn.

The lesson in all of these steps is a great one for our kids. They learn the value in both giving to others we bring them to drop the items off to our chosen charities and also the reward in taking good enough care of your items to in turn be paid for them.

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I love that the kids get just as excited to go to the local second-hand stores as the mall to spend and replenish what we just purged. Sinclair, Elgas Pty Ltd, Director.

It was a successful one. They achieved the budget by providing innovative and smart solutions that were sympathetic to the overall design and what Coca Cola were trying to achieve.

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Ultimately this helped us to realize our goals for the site and CCA staff. We met our budget targets and have an exceptional building for our staff and visitors to enjoy.

Their entire team were approachable and communicated the clients brief to a dedicated team of subcontractors. All of this resulted in a high quality finished product. Juha Havukainen, Farrell Coyne Projects. This is only possible with a builder that is willing to do what it takes to reach this position. I would have no hesitation in recommending Belmadar for any project they would wish to tackle.

Paul Godsell, Director, Crawford Architects.

Swap and Go Swap and Go
Swap and Go Swap and Go
Swap and Go Swap and Go
Swap and Go Swap and Go
Swap and Go Swap and Go

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