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Orbital meteorological and remote sensing systems. OCO Glory. Manned flights are indicated in bold text. Uncatalogued launch failures are listed in italics. Payloads deployed from other spacecraft are denoted in brackets. Earth portal Spaceflight portal.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This can occur when the attractor exists in a surface a hyperplane, say of the phase space and one or more of the periodic orbits embedded in the attractor are unstable in the direction transverse to the surface [Fig. In the absence of noise, the trajectories of the attractor remain in the attractor forever. Such visits and hence bubbling events are expected because of the ergodicity of chaotic attractors, according to which typical orbits of an attractor pass arbitrarily close to any of its points, including any transversely unstable ones.

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The ejected trajectory may subsequently return to the attractor, after undergoing a brief but large excursion far away from it thus bubbling can, in principle, occur even in a system with a single global attractor. This is the scenario considered in Ref. The attractor corresponds to a state in which the two oscillators are synchronized.

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The bubbling events lead to periods of desynchronization and are the extreme events of interest. A first important observation in Ref. Since they originate via distinct mechanisms, dragon kings can be predicted—at least in principle.

In their experiments, the authors were able to identify early signs of a bubbling event from changes in the dynamical variables related to the measured electrical signals that indicated the approach to a transversely unstable orbit. To mitigate the imminent extreme event they then implemented countermeasures through a feedback control method that redirected the trajectory toward the synchronization surface.

The results show that this approach has marginal impact on the incidence of small events but strongly inhibits large ones [Fig. Importantly, this selective mitigation of extreme events can be achieved with control perturbations that are both very small and of short duration.

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The challenge of identifying early signs of extreme events has much to do with our ability to model or observe the dynamics of the system [5]. In the case of bubbling, this is facilitated by the unique nature of the extreme events, which are statistically and mechanistically different from the power-law distributed nonbubbling events. This is not to say that one cannot mitigate events with a power-law distribution of sizes. For example, Ref. Kansas City has about ,, square feet of mined space in its 13 sites, and serves as a model in the two-tier use of urban space.

Some of the building projects in the underground area include a vibration-free optical equipment plant and an empire of warehousing. The city is a model in conservation of energy through use of the natural insulating quality of the limestone rock.

TerraSpace.orb TerraSpace.orb
TerraSpace.orb TerraSpace.orb
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