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Top 10 Greatest Golfers Ever

Just wonderful to have witnessed. Great win for Tiger - and hopefully a great win for the sport.

Under that pressure to hit such a tiny target surrounded by water from yards and with his main rival in trouble - this is hairy chest stuff. Victory cannot be given, it must be taken.

None of the histrionics of old such as throwing his golf club down when he missed a putt or tee'd off badly. He deserved to win.

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Welcome back. Talent wise, they are of similar capabilities, but Tiger is complex and flawed. He is also a black man who was in a sea of white when he started, and to a great extent, still is.

List of golfers with most PGA Tour wins

Jack Nicklaus is perhaps a better balanced person. When celebrity was protected. Tiger has lived his life in a media storm. Those I mention after Tiger are and always will be peoples champions. To come back from where he was to the pinnacle of the game is truly remarkable, and the next major, the US open, is being played at one of his favourite courses, Pebble Beach.

Here's what Rory McIlroy noticed at that time:. And I honestly left thinking he could stun the world again.

'The greatest sports story ever' - Telegraph Readers react to Tiger Woods' Masters victory

Walter Hagen to Tiger Woods, a fascinating and knowledgeable history of golf through the most talented men and women to have ever played the game Covering the early amateur masters of the game, starting with Old Tom Morris, to the maestros of the Open era, this collection features biographies and career statistics of players from all over the world, including the U. From Ben Hogan and legendary figures such as Jack Nicklaus, to contemporary greats including Phil Mickelson, this history recounts the lives and achievements of the sport's leading lights through fascinating anecdotes and insights into the development of the game across the decades.

Arranged alphabetically and with additional sections on the greatest ever drivers, bunker players, and putters, this is the ideal pick-up-and-dip-in book for all golfing aficionados, whatever their handicap. Skip Navigation and go to main content Bestsellers Books. Print this page.

The best English golfers of all time | National Club Golfer

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The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers
The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers
The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers
The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers
The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers

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