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Veterinary Aromatic Medicine

Be the first to review this product. Shelton is regarded as the leading expert in the use of essential oils with animals from insects to elephants. Every animal species is included within the easy to read text, along with details on sourcing, evaluation, chemistry, carrier oils, and descriptions of each essential oil.

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Recipes and suggestions for common conditions affecting all species are included, together with safety and monitoring information, as well as the current knowledge regarding feline metabolism and toxicity. Purpose: Education.

Animal Desk Reference!

Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials. Melissa Shelton, DVM, is a holistic and integrative veterinarian who specializes in the medical use of essential oils with all animals.


Considered the top specialist in Veterinary Aromatic Medicine, she is sought after as an educator worldwide for both professionals and the public. Only registered users can write reviews. You can go to www. AnimalDeskRefer ence. You can either pick it up at convention and save on shipping - or choose to have it shipped. Books will not be available UNTIL convention, and those who have their book s shipped - have to wait for shipping to start in July - and allow weeks for shipping, depending on where in the world you are.

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International shipping rates have been released now for bulk books, singles are being determined next week. The book is just like the EODR, only for animals. It will contain a lot of basic and general information on how to use oils for every sort of animal, as well as an extensive conditions listing - broken down for each species. So you can look up Cats - see all their conditions and which YL oils and supplements and exactly how to use them.

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There is no advertising to sell YL oils within the book just like the EODR - only the specific recommendations to use Young Living specific oils, blends, and supplements. AND, since the book is written by a veterinarian - I am allowed a bit more "say" in what the oils can do for animals - kind of fun! But, you may want the first edition, just in case!!

Other common questions have been about the book in general. Right now I anticipate it to actually be around pages or more , it is a fabric covered hard bound book.

The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oil for Animals, by Melissa Shelton, DVM, 2nd Edition

Smyth sewing on the binding - so it will lay open nicely. And copper foil embossed cover and spine So now is your chance to get a copy or copies for the cheapest possible pricing! Gary Young Foundation!

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Thanks so much! Posted by Essentials 4 Wholeness at AM. Labels: animal desk reference , animals , essential oil desk reference , natural healing , veterinarian , wellness , wholistic , Young Living Essential Oils.

The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference
The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference
The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference
The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference
The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference
The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference
The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference
The Animal Desk Reference The Animal Desk Reference

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