The Thief and Her Reward

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They didn't want the thieves to hang on the crosses over the Sabbath. We can see that Jesus could not have been with the thief in heavenly paradise that Friday if He had still not ascended to the Father on Sunday.

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Is this a contradiction? It would seem to be so on the surface. But what if the comma was after the word today instead of before it? The meaning would change completely. If the comma is placed after the word today , it shows Jesus being emphatic on that day of his crucifixion, saying, today when I am dying on the cross with no apparent hope, I am promising that you will be with me in paradise eventually. However, if the comma is inserted before the word today , Jesus would then be promising that the thief would be with Him that very day in paradise; thus making Jesus a liar and also contradicting John It makes a big difference where the comma is placed.

There is a story of a wealthy man whose wife sent him a telegram asking if she could buy a very expensive item. He sent the reply, "No, price too high. When the wife received the message, "No price too high," she happily went and bought the expensive item.

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This story illustrates the importance of correct punctuation. If the punctuation is off by even one word it can mean something entirely different. As we compare scriptures one with another we will find apparent contradictions, but if we look carefully at the clearest texts and the overwhelming evidence in the scriptures on a certain subject, we will find the truth see Isaiah Often it's our preconceived ideas that lead us to think a certain verse means a specific thing.

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Signed Book. I was disappointed that there is no worth of collectibles Cause what I need right now is enough golds to upgrade my character but the collectible can not be utilized for nothing. I've felt that I found a shitpiece when I open a vault, and check the content is a collectible Completionism is an art-form. Last edited by cicalooo. I deactivated all the cheaty glow options thingies and each time I find something it's a 'Aha!

Some stuff are really well hidden, those developers are sadists! Originally posted by MiMi :.

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If you collect every single collectible as in, all 84 of them , you get a Steam Achievement What's Yours is Mine. Also, once you've completed Chapter 8 and have arrived back at the Clock Tower, you get a monetary reward for each completed set of Collectibles. Last edited by JohnnieHaggis ; 20 Jun, pm.

Even though this thread is over a year old, I thougt I should make a correction to the last post. Originally posted by JohnnieHaggis :. Zessirb View Profile View Posts. Support Select this reward.

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Estimated delivery May Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. However you will need some recovery time before you can fight for a 2nd time or you may purchase recovery with Crystals. If you fail to defeat the Thief, your friends will see him and may come to fight him as well.

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You can view the level and remaining energy for each thief on the wanted poster. The thief will remain in one place for a set amount of time after being discovered.

The Mysterious Thief will start at Lvl. Only if he is defeated will he level up. The amount of times you meet a Thief is limited by the Lvl. When a thief is killed, the player who found him and the player who killed him will each win two cards. Any other players whom also attacked him will win 1 card. If the thief escapes, no one will be rewarded. A Legendary Thief remains for a much shorter period of time, and is much stronger than a Mysterious Thief.

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The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward The Thief and Her Reward
The Thief and Her Reward

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