Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)

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He is one of the principal investigators for five research projects, including The Education Arcade , a consortium of educators and business leaders working to promote the educational use of computer and video games, the Knight Center for Future Civic Media , a joint effort with the MIT Media Lab to use new media to enhance how people live in local communities, GAMBIT , a lab focused on promoting experimentation through game design, Project nml , a MacArthur Foundation funded project that develops curricular materials focused on promoting the social skills and cultural competencies needed to become a full participant in the new media era, and the Convergence Culture Consortium , a group that explores the ramifications of convergence for branding and media business.

Previously, Rishi was a program manager at Microsoft and helped launch two successful releases of Microsoft Money.

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A brand communications executive with nearly two decades of experience, Anne White is in the vanguard of exploring and exploiting the nexus between traditional and new medias, entertainment and consumer products. A classically-trained artist and musician, White enjoys exploring visual perception through her personal art and performances. Professor Elberse develops and teaches a course on Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries, covering the business of entertainment and sports, for second-year MBA students. Her course is featured in Variety's Entertainment Education report. She also teaches in the Strategic Marketing Management program and other short programs for executives, and previously taught Marketing to first-year MBA students.

In her research, professor Elberse primarily aims to understand what drives the success of products in the media, entertainment, sports, and other creative industries, and how firms can develop effective marketing strategies for such products. More generally, she is interested in the diffusion of innovations, the impact of digital technology on marketing practice, and the application of econometric modeling techniques to marketing problems. Her interests also include consumer culture, consumer empowerment, and marketing management.

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She is currently working on her dissertation, which explores "distinction", "democratization" and "omnivore" effects in socially-embedded consumer networks. She combines qualitative and experimental methodologies in her work. Her honors thesis, entitled "Oh Pressed Hair! In her personal time she enjoys researching her family tree, traveling, and volunteering for the National Kidney Foundation.

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Field '55 Professor of Law at Yale. He writes about the Internet and the emergence of networked economy and society, as well as the organization of infrastructure, such as wireless communications. In the s he played a role in characterizing the centrality of information commons to innovation, information production, and freedom in both its autonomy and democracy senses. In the s, he worked more on the sources and economic and political significance of radically decentralized individual action and collaboration in the production of information, knowledge and culture.

His work traverses a wide range of disciplines and sectors, and is taught in a variety of professional schools and academic departments.

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In real world applications, his work has been widely discussed in both the business sector and civil society. His books include The Wealth of Networks: How social production transforms markets and freedom , which received the Don K. His work can be freely accessed at benkler. An in depth guide to the show that includes a unique website taking readers into an online parallel universe, offering insights into the world of mediums and psychics. She has pioneered a 21st Century creative and business model for "engagement television.

She also worked on Capitol Hill on the U. Moses attended Georgetown University and became a certified Paralegal. They have built mobile games with invisible characters that move through real-world spaces, online games synchronized to live television broadcasts, and videogames in which virtual sharks are controlled by real-world sharks with GPS receivers stapled to their fins.

Their Facebook game "Parking Wars" is on target to serve over 1. He has over 5 years of direct experience in consumer-facing websites that center around social networking, community, viral marketing, and virtual economies. At HOT or NOT, he is co-inventor on a pending patent to collect brand preference information directly from consumers to use in advertising targeting.

He graduated from U. She researches intersections of minority discourse with artistic appropriations, especially digital appropriations such as sampling, online fan productions, game mods, and audio and visual mash-ups; Internet piracy and "torrent culture"; narrative serializations in digital contexts; and "techno-orientalism," or Hollywood sci-fi's equation of futuristic technologies with Asia and Asianness.

Lee Harrington.

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Formerly Research Manager of the Convergence Culture Consortium , his research looks at changing understandings of what television 'is', the formation of the participatory audience, and television branding in the context of participatory culture. He has published work on participatory culture and the relationship between producers and consumers, television scheduling strategies, the history of Australian television, and the construction of the cultural public sphere. Joe Marchese is co-founder and President of SocialVibe , a service that effectively brings brands into social media by empowering people to interact with the brands and social causes of their choice.

Series A funded by Redpoint Ventures, SocialVibe connects brands and people in social media, recognizing that individuals hold the key to attention and influence in social media. SocialVibe's goal is empower its member community to team with brands to make a difference for the causes they care about; the service allows people to utilize their influence to enhance their social media experience and provides a way for brands to reward the people that support them with brand specific perks. Most importantly, SocialVibe empowers people to use their influence in social media to raise money for the causes they care about, by allowing people to direct the money they earn from the brands they support to the charitable cause of their choice.

Prior to SocialVibe, Marchese built and lead the online media strategy division at a boutique management consulting firm. Marchese developed and guided the group to provide Fortune clientele research and online strategy development focused on digital media. Before consulting, Marchese began his career as a business analyst for Monster Worldwide, the parent company of Monster. He is a well known thought leader in the social media and advertising industry, writing weekly for MediaPost publications. She uses her anthropological training to provide strategic intelligence to businesses and individuals.

She is an active blogger on oakhazelnut. What Sabrina Caluori , a storyteller who has found a home in digital entertainment strategy, loves about the web is that it's a logical extension to on-air plot development in an environment that encourages conversation.

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After two years as an Account Executive at a Los Angeles creative agency that specialized in the motion picture industry, she moved back to NYC and joined interactive agency, Deep Focus as the third employee. Shepherding effective ideation sessions across multiple disciplines media, creative and publicity to a unified strategy led to award-winning work and happy clients.

As Director of Marketing and Promotions she oversees consumer engagement including community and social media, sponsorship and research. Currently, she is overseeing the redesign of The Hetrick-Martin Institute's website www. If community is about the intersection and exchange of human experience, then Sabrina believes that technology will continue to redefine the delivery and the shape of those exchanges, but never the substance.

He has been with the company for nearly three years. He's currently based in Los Angeles and blogs at houseofkyle. Rhonda K. In this role, Rhonda provides thought leadership and strategic guidance toward emerging social media technologies and trends across the spectrum of social networking, blogging, online communities and virtual worlds, gaming, social collaboration and computing, and personal media. Prior to her current role, Ms.

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Lowry was Vice President within the New Products Group and led the development of key digital business initiatives including the development of Turner's advertising widget. She led efforts in the adoption of virtual worlds including the CNN iReport presence in the virtual world of Second Life and is the company's primary contact for emerging social spaces and virtual worlds.

Lowry has over 15 years of complex systems development experience and held a number of program management and technical leadership roles within the aerospace industry at NASA, Rockwell International, and Lockheed Martin.

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She began her career at NASA where she was a software developer and systems integrator for a multi planetary detection system that eventually became part of the Kepler Mission. Lowry was Chief Engineer and Department Manager at Rockwell where she was twice awarded the President's Award for professional achievement, and she spearheaded a revolutionary modeling and simulation program for Lockheed on the F program for which she was awarded Lockheed's highest award for leadership, the NOVA Award. Her dissertation examines how social media technologies affect social status and social hierarchies.

Most discussions of power and cyberspace focus on either the positive transformative potential of the internet, or how structural oppression race, gender, class, sexuality is maintained through technology. Instead, her research looks at one form of power-social status-and how it is transformed by mediated "lifestreaming" technologies, like Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook, when used by a specific community.

She grew up in suburban New York, spent eight years in Seattle, and now mostly resides in Manhattan. Alice currently lives in San Francisco, where she is conducting ethnographic research on status structures in Web 2. Nancy Baym is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas where she teaches about communication technology, interpersonal communication and qualitative research methods. She pioneered the study of online community and fandom in the early s, writing about how soap opera fans built relationships with one another while transforming television viewing into a collaborative endeavor.

She is currently continuing her work on fans of Swedish independent music and on the "friend" relationship in the music-oriented social network site Last. Her book, Personal Connections in a Digital Age , about digitally-mediated community, relationships and social networks Polity is nearing completion and will be released in She was a co-founder of the Association of Internet Researchers and served as its President.

She blogs at OnlineFandom. Cathy Horyn, banned from the shows, was tentative in her report, for the New York Times.

Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)
Top Hat (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television)

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