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After years of being cooped in constant meditation and isolated from the rest of the world, Yao was cheerful and glad to experience life again. He gets overly excited at every little thing that surrounds him because of his long cut-off from the world.


Even though his physical strengths are weak, he is able to use Kung Fu with his mind. It was with this talent that he was able to free Po and Shifu and knock the entire Qidan Clan unconscious. Yeung is an elderly pig who was once a Kung Fu Master that was known back then as "Yeung the Musical Archer " and was a companion to Mrs.

His nickname comes from the fact that Mr. Yeung can use his musical instrument as a bow. He first appeared in the episode "In With the Old" where he and Mrs. Gow play mahjong with Mr. Her nickname comes from the fact she could throw razor sharp stars into her opponents. She first appeared in the episode "In With the Old" where she and Mr. Yeung play mahjong with Mr. When Mr. Ping suggests that she and Mr. Gow was "older than rope" and that Mr.

Yeung was even older than she was.

Gow used her dental prosthetic and not her stars, but still proved to be a very capable fighter despite her advanced years and reprimands Po by commenting that she is like "rope, you know, that thing that is very useful. He used to work for Duke Pingjun until his daughter Xiao Niao tripped and fell into the giant moon cake for Duke Pingjun's guests. Shengqi intervened before Duke Bingjun could slap her.

Shengqi later broke out of Chorh-Gom Prison and had a bounty placed on him. The inhabitants of Muchang are very protective of him when Po takes Constable Hu's offer to bring him in. When Po finds Shengqi and fights him, Po fights him and doesn't believe his side of the story. Po catches up to Shengqi on top of the mountain and fights him again. Po still doesn't believe him until he sees half of a necklace that was on the neck of a girl who turned out to be Xiao Niao that attended the festival.

When Po is given the reward from the Rhino Guards, he throws the reward towards the Rhino Guards and gets Shengqi away. Po tells Constable Hu the truth about what happened the day when Shengqi was imprisoned. He is known for saying "No unauthorized handling" when it comes to people that want to handle the message.

Po ended up getting the help from Lam and Tigress to get the peace treaty back from Kweng for fear of a war between the Gorilla Clans that can threaten all of China. When the treaty is finally delivered to Can-Shoo and Cheen-Gwan by Kweng, they were surprised that the Dragon Warrior's name is on it as they are big fans of Po.

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She is very strict and greatly dislikes Po as she believes that he is undisciplined and was chosen by a random quirk of fate. She also secretly views her students as little more than possessions for her to do with as she will, as she stated Tigress was never allowed to leave once she joined her, which was further evidenced by the fact that the previous warrior she had trained was forced to train until he was broken physically and spiritually by her. Tigress went with Mugan and showed off her Kung Fu talents and Mugan stated that she was a powerful warrior.

When Tigress went to acknowledge the compliment, Mugan stated that it wasn't a compliment. She informed Tigress that her focus in Kung Fu was precision, and demonstrated so by jumping out of her fish tank and using the bowls around her Kung Fu dojo to jump and eventually cut Tigress with one of her razor-sharp fins. Tigress was impressed with Mugan's skills and began her training, but could not seem to impress Mugan, as Mugan was never satisfied with anyone. When Tigress tried to leave, Mugan refused to let her go and instead imprisoned her and decided to break her, as she had with her previous student.

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Then Tigress informed Mugan that there was more to life than Kung Fu. Outraged, Mugan attacked Po and Tigress, but was defeated when Po and Wu Yong knocked all the pillars holding her water over, trapping her in the central tank.


Afterwards, Mugan was presumably sent to Chorh-Gom Prison. He utilizes the chi of his instruments to use musical kung fu.

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During a mission where Po teams up with the original five to retrieve the Sword of Xi'an, a demon that had been beaten by the original five in the past. Master Elephant is possessed by Xi'an, but is eventually freed by both the current and past incarnations of the Furious Five. He is a muscular snow leopard with supernatural strength.

Before the franchise, Tai Lung was the adoptive son and first devoted pupil of Master Shifu, who found him abandoned on the doorstep of the Jade Palace training ground and taught him skills in Kung Fu that he never shared with any other of his students, even the Furious Five. In fact, Tai Lung was the only one to know the Nerve Attack, and believed that he was destined to become the Dragon Warrior, making it his aim in life. However, as Tai Lung's fighting skills developed, his pride and thirst for power grew overwhelming due to believing that he was to become the Dragon Warrior, thus alerting Grand Master Oogway of darkness in his heart and leading him to refuse Tai Lung the title.

Shocked, Tai Lung looked to Shifu for support, but the latter was too reluctant to protest. Embittered and outraged by Shifu and Oogway's perceived betrayal, Tai Lung's pride turned into corruption as he rampaged throughout the valley, taking out his rage against the villagers. He then fought his way back to the Jade Palace, seeking to take the Dragon Scroll, the item that was said to grant the chosen Dragon Warrior limitless power, by force. Shifu could not bring himself to harm his adoptive son, whereas Tai Lung felt no such hesitation and smashed aside his mentor and father figure without mercy.

However, the leopard was no match for Oogway, who hit him with a lighting fast series of nerve attacks, paralyzing and defeating him. Following his defeat, Tai Lung was sent to Chorh-Gom Prison for his crimes against the valley and kept restrained by a body-device shaped like a turtle shell.

Despite Tai Lung's imprisonment, this left a hole in Shifu's soul due to the fact that the love he gave Tai Lung went to waste, and as a result, he started training the Furious Five with a more harsh and critical manner. Two decades later, when Po is chosen as the Dragon Warrior, Tai Lung escapes and confronts all the guards before sending Zeng ahead with a message. By the time he reaches the temple, Shifu battles him while Po is supposedly evacuating with the rest of the villagers and the Furious Five.

Tai Lung unleashes all his rage and hatred during the battle and gravely wounds Shifu, whom he blames for his incarceration and failure to become the Dragon Warrior, claiming that he only wanted to make Shifu proud of him and furiously demanding to know if Shifu was satisfied with turning him into the monster he had become. It is then Shifu tells Tai Lung that he was always proud of him, too proud in fact as Shifu's pride in him blinded the master to see what his adopted son was becoming, and apologizes. Although Tai Lung's demeanor softens for a moment and he shows some concern for him, he is still only interested in gaining the Dragon Scroll.

When he finally sees that it is missing, he nearly destroys Shifu until Po comes in and stops him. After a protracted battle throughout the village, he finally manages to obtain the Dragon Scroll, but his impatience causes him to not understand its symbolism: the scroll is actually a blank reflective foil, meaning the power had always been buried deep within the person. Tai Lung is ultimately defeated when Po utilizes the Wuxi Finger Hold, vanquishing the snow leopard in a brilliant flash of light.

He is defeated once again. Ping's "Noodle Dream" where he fights Po. Po states he thought Tai Lung was dead, though this statement is cut short when Tai Lung attacks him.

China zoo's young tigress is ripped into pieces by a group of tigers in front of tourists

Po ultimately defeats him once again. Strangely enough, he does not appear as a "Jombie" despite Kai saying that he stole the Chi of every master there. But in a few scenes he can be seen as a jade amulet on Kai's belt. Upon seeing what following his uncle's path would turn him into, Peng then retired from Kung Fu, not wanting to end up like his uncle.

Know another quote from Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five?

However, in "Kung Fu Club," Peng would be revealed to have returned to the path of Kung Fu, this time seeking to train common people to defend themselves. Tai Lung is shown to be an exceptionally deadly fighter, able to single-handedly defeat a thousand guards in Chorh-Gom Prison, as well as the Furious Five. He is also shown to be very resourceful, for example using a feather to escape his shackles he picked up with his tail and using spears launched at him from crossbows to allow him to escape as well as using them for leverage to achieve upward mobility.

He also has a special nerve attack taught to him by Shifu which completely paralyzes the victim. However, Po, being too fat for the strikes to reach the correct points, is resistant to the technique, finding it very ticklish when it was used. He is a leucistic peacock desperate to regain happiness by conquering all of China. Shen is insatiable and can be compared to a hungry ghost ; as the Soothsayer says: " the cup [Shen] choose s to fill has no bottom ". Before the franchise, Shen was a prince of Gongmen City who became interested in the power of gunpowder, wondering if it and the technology behind fireworks could be used for warfare.

This obsession worried his loving parents, who asked the Soothsayer what his future held. In response, she foretold that if he ever continued to go too far down this path, he would be stopped by "a warrior of black-and-white".



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